Food & Wine Walking Tour

We will be hosting a Barcelona Food & Wine tour on 17 May.  The tour will leave the H10 Casanova Hotel on foot at 6pm and will return at around 11pm.  This is a great opportunity to meet and network with other HE Qlik users.

A very ‘atypical’, cultural, food and wine city exploration of Barcelona

Barcelona has the privilege of being surrounded by some of the most interesting wine regions in Spain and of being part of a long, colourful and exciting culinary tradition.  The focus of Tasting Barcelona is always great food and wine (or other beverage), but with the important added opportunity for our guests to explore and experience the best of Barcelona’s sites of interest, as well as get a taste of the side-street local flavour. Tasting Barcelona is a food and wine tour by nature, but is in turn an exciting and interactive way to experience Barcelona. A fun, personalized tour, away from the crowds and with an amazing and plentiful diversity of wine, as well as Catalan and Spanish tapas and gourmet dishes.


A wide range of tastes throughout Barcelona’s exciting districts

Tasting Barcelona Food and Wine is truly an indulgent, off-the-beaten-path city tour to experience a very wide range of tastes in the most exciting districts of Barcelona.  The tour takes you through the lively and diverse districts of Barcelona to sample a generous variety of both classic and modern tapas in local venues.  The focus of the tour is to provide an action-packed, well-rounded city walking tour, stopping at four to five venues for great, distinct dishes paired with terrific Spanish wine and cava.   Tasting Barcelona is a great introduction to Barcelona and is strongly recommended for travellers looking to combine an interactive city tour with dinner, regardless of what they are drinking or if they have any dietary concerns.

Spouses and partners are welcome to attend the tour.



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